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handmade fish in a jar


Frankie fish & friends, the ultimate low maintenance pet!

Product Description

If you ever feel like a fish out of water, Frankie fish and his friends know exactly how you feel!

Low maintenance pets!! never need cleaning out or walking,  they are also great gifts to give someone starting a new school, job, off to Uni or anytime you may feel like a fish out of water!!

Hand crocheted fish swimming in a up cycled glass jar with real stones and crocheted weed, finished with a fabric top and twine. The label can be personalised for you with a name, for example, George’s fish. otherwise your label will say ‘If you ever feel like a fish out of water, Frankie will be your friend’ or similar.

All the fish are named after my grandparents, Francis & Florence so your fish will be a derivative of these names, e.g. Frank, Florrie, Fran, Frankie etc.

If you would like a personailsed fish please contact us with the form below otherwise a fish will be chosen at random for you. 



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