From expecting to create a one-off tribute/sewing therapy project I have found myself celebrating the lives of other family members I have lost in stitchery. The starting point for number two is a picture of myself aged 12 with my big sister Lucy who was 20 at this time taken in the front garden of our house at this time.

Lucy was the eldest child in my family, I was the youngest…..6 children born to my parents in the space of 8 years, all but me are gone now. Lucy Mary was always seen with her knitting (in which she excelled) whether it was in her own home, a day trip out with all the family, on buses, trains, planes, holiday balconies….so this needed to be represented . I produced a tiny piece of knitting (not to her standard I’m afraid) in cotton and attached it to the piece (a quilt sandwich of linen ,wadding and muslin) with a rusted safety pin.The bottom third of the piece is a vintage knitting pattern with free motion embroidered flower.

A large part of the top section is part of an unfinished vintage linen sampler with vintage buttons , her name is typed on a vintage typewriter and includes her rather ‘posh’ confirmation name of Juliana which she loved!

The right side edge is some vintage lace with a glass vintage button denoting lucys love of a bit of (classy!) bling. As mentioned in my last post, the appearance of feathers has been a feature in my continuing relationship with my lost sisters. On a recent visit to Melrose as I was about to get out of the car I recalled that last time I visited Lucy was with me…as I stepped out this feather was at my feet, letting me know I believe, she is still with me. The vintage medal of our lady of Lourdes reminds me of all the little medals and catholic paraphernalia she used to treat me to when I was a child and the many pilgrimages we went on together to Ireland, Spain etc in our adult years.

In the sewing of this piece I have taken the opportunity to reflect on our lives together . Lucy was my big sister, confidante, second mother ….we had a lifetime of closeness , shared interests and love to the point of me moving to live 3 doors from her in later years! Lucy Mary Juliana….

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